Sunday, 10 January 2010

#7 A mundane day with the most excitement being a hangover.

After waking up with a rather large headache, I took Ella skiing again. She wasn’t nearly as good as yesterday. She was complaining about her legs hurting and how she ‘couldn’t do it’. But I was very proud of her being able to master the button lift (with help from me). I got her on the lift, with me, put the button through her legs, and made her hold on. Then, at the top, I had to take it out and push her down the slope slightly.

Mother and I went skiing after dropping Ella at nursery. We gave up after two runs as the visibility was again so, so poor. This week hasn’t been a good week in terms of skiing.

I picked Ella up from nursery, and as it was snowing so much, the 3 minute walk from nursery to the chalet ended with us looking like snowmen!

We had dinner, chatted, drank, watched Bourne Ultimatum (which, I have to say, I really wasn’t interested in, so I went to bed half way through) then slept.

Today has been rather mundane. Well, for a skiing holiday.

Wipeout Count: 0

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