Thursday, 27 August 2009

The one where I couldn't work out how to place pictures...

And once more, I am blogging.
So, I finally got my tattoo! It looks so sweet! It’s actually my new favourite thing! I’ll put a picture up for you. It really didn’t hurt at all, which was really surprising. I’ve just been smearing buckets of Vaseline on it, to help it heal.
Speaking of tattoos, my friend David has had a wonderful idea. Basically he’s really, really skint! So, he decided that he’s going to put a bid up on eBay and whoever bids the highest will get their name or a word of their choice or something tattooed on his thigh. So, I’m trying to get the word out about it. Anyone who reads it, join the Facebook group, send the link around to all your friends, so anything you can to get the word out! Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Facebook group link:
eBay bid link:

Oh, oh, oh! Our kitten came and he’s so, so cute! He’s like this tiny, white, fluffy, cute ball of cat, and he’s called Toulouse! And if you tickle his chin, then he bites your finger, and it’s adorable! And his teeth are so tiny and he’s all white with a grey tail and head. And I’m going to put up a picture because he’s THAT cute!! And today, he was in my room, and I put him on my bed, put my laptop opposite him, and put the webcam on and he was getting so confused!! He kept scratching the screen attempting to get to the kitten inside. Hey, guess what! When you look at the picture of Toulouse, then you’ll be looking at my pussy… Hahahaha!!! Mature? I know, I know.
Sorry, this blog is so boring and random; I’m getting distracted with The Suite Life on Deck. Oh, London Tipton, you amuse me thoroughly. I want to say that I’m only watching this because there’s nothing else on TV, well, there is nothing on, but I genuinely do like this show! Hah!
Right, I’m going to leave this, as I feel there is nothing really left to say… Well, nothing interesting anyway.


Thursday, 20 August 2009

The two day blog.

Here I am, sat on the sofa in my lounge, on my laptop, listening to Regina Spektor and the gentle buzz of a fly that can’t get outside. Stop trying to fly through the window, it’s glass, not air!! Bless, I feel kinda bad, it’s gonna get brain damage before it gets outside again.
Anyway, today has been a wonderful day. It’s been really lush and sunny finally! It’s August and there’s been, I swear, about five sunny days so far this summer! I decided it would be a good idea to go and sunbathe. So, I put on my white tank top (how dykey?!) and board shorts and went out into the garden taking my laptop with me, to listen to, yes, you got it, Regina Spektor. So, there I am, lying down on numerous cushions, listening to Regina, and I’m really, really hot. So, I took off my top because my garden is surrounded by trees and the neighbours can’t see in. Then, I’m still hot, so I strip down to just my boxers. Anyway, so I’m lying there for a good 3 hours in just my boxers, and I come in and I’m fine, I’m not burnt, which is surprising since I have ginger skin! (No, I really do! It’s all pale and freckly!) I’ve got my clothes back on now, and I’m chilling in the lounge. Then, my friend Amy texts me and asks me to meet her around 8, so I agreed. At around 7 I go upstairs to get changed, because for some reason a white tank top, no bra, board shorts and no socks isn’t appropriate for going out in public in the evening…? As I’m getting changed I realise I have a red cleavage, and basically my boobs, my face, my neck and the back of my legs are burnt!! It hurts. Luckily it’s not too bad though.
I kinda left this yesterday, so it’s now Thursday, and I’ve got my AS results. They weren’t too bad, I’m not upset about them, but I’m not overly pleased. I’m content with them. Three C’s and a B isn’t that bad, right?
Well, last night was a good night. Remember, Amy? Well, I met her in Broadstone and then I got invited back to Sam’s house for a piss up. It was basically, me and the guys watching free porn on Sky, laughing at the woman with wonky, fake boobs and drinking Buds. Then we played Rock Band and Halo! It was amazing! I well felt like a guy, except, I sucked at Halo… Then I rode back at like 2:30 because I’d had not much to drink, and then I woke up at 3 in the afternoon, wonderful!
Today, I was meant to be going to Just Add Ink to give in my tattoo ideas, but I got up too late… Oops! So, I’m gonna go tomorrow. I’ve decided that me and my friends are going to go gay clubbing (regardless of their heterosexuality) and either celebrate or drown our sorrows. It should be a good night!
Anyway, I’m gonna go now because I have a massive headache! It really hurts. I’ll just lie down and watch Spongebob Squarepants, that’ll make me better! Haha!
Oh, also, Mary Ann and the Gravediggers came through today!! It’s amazing!! I love Regina!!


P.S. I probably should mention that these blogs are neither relevant nor interesting. Sorry!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

1:23 on a Saturday morning... Random!

Okay, so, I’m sat in my lounge watching LA Ink, and having an MSN chat with one of my best friends, Georgie, about Regina Spektor. This is like a perfect evening for me!
Basically, I kinda feel ill too. After work today I had a nap, from like 5:00 until like 8:30, and woke up with a massive headache. Yes, feel sorry for me! I still have a headache… I might take some paracetamol soon. When I can be bothered to move. Shit, massive tension on LA Ink! You can always tell how bad is it by the amount of bleeps they use. Right, I’m going to have to mute the television. The adverts are a bunch of shite! Like, that stupid Felix cat food advert! And another advert I truly hate with a passion: That effin’ Green Giant sweetcorn advert! I have never, ever know of an advert quite as annoying and genuinely infuriating as that one! ‘Mum says you are what you eat.’ Yeah, and I say fuck off! And ‘So, if you eat runner beans, you become a runner?’ Yeah, dumbass, of course.
Anyway, on a better note, I had a rather good time at work today. There was only 4 out of 6 staff in today, which was like, ‘oh, shit’, but then it wasn’t at all busy! Although, I’m worried about the place that I work. It’s basically this country park where old people come, and dog walkers walk their dogs, and families go for a ‘fun day out’. So, yeah, about two months ago or something some kids came in and stole the benches from the courtyard and dumped them around the park, and stamped on a two day old fawns head until it died. How sick is that?! And then today, Sarah, my boss, told me that this boy, who apparently looked 12, but was probably about 15, held an old lady up at knifepoint in the car park, stole her purse and her money, then took her phone and texted everyone on her phonebook saying that she was gonna kill herself. I don’t understand why anyone would do that?! I don’t get it! He must have something seriously wrong with him.
On a lighter note, I now have Bette Davis Eyes in my head, cause it was on an advert. I’m also watching Miami Ink. In fact, talking of tattoos, I’m totally getting one soon!! In a week and a day! I’m so excited!! I’m getting this: on my shoulder blade, or back somewhere. It’s wonderful! That’s how much I love Regina Spektor! My first tattoo is going to be ‘Regina Spektor’! How awesome is that?! Yeah, baby!
This blog post has totally been a load of shit. I’m ill, alright! That’s what I’m going to blame it on. Anyway, I’m going to stop this insane mass of typing, and carry on watching Miami Ink. I’m not even going to proof read this! Oh, I’m such a rebel! So, adios, and I’m probably blog again soon…

Thursday, 13 August 2009

First blog. Ever.

So, I’m sat in my room on my laptop, bored as hell, listening to Regina Spektor and drinking Diet Coke, considering my potential future career as a writer. Hey, I said potential.
Today, I’ve been playing Guitar Hero: World Tour, and yes, it is amazing! I’m thinking they should make a Regina Spektor Guitar Hero. That would make me very, very happy. They’d probably have to make a keyboard/piano instrument though…
Okay, bear with me, I have literally drunken (is that a word?!) 2l of Diet Coke today alone, so, caffeine overload!!
Let’s give you an idea of myself. Well, I just took my flesh tunnels out (I have 10mm in both ears) and smelt them. Why? Because I quite like it. I also like putting them both in my nose because it looks really funny. And yes, I am 17, and yes, I am immature like that. Problem? I am also a massive fan of Regina Spektor; in fact, one could call me a Regina ‘SpektWhore’! Feel free to take that one. I also have no idea what I’m even typing. I’m literally processing thoughts into a Word document. Which I love, by the way, because of the spell and grammar checker. Not that I need to use it much, mind you. Oh, there’s another red line… I’m not even sure whether I’m going to blog this. I haven’t even set up a blog yet, so if you’re reading this any you’re not me… Welcome to my first blog post! Awful, isn’t it? Coke makes me need the toilet a lot… Aah, that’s better.
The main reason I’m doing this is because I think a cool job would be to be like a lesbian journalist or something, and I’ve got the first bit covered pretty well. Like, I dunno, going to Pride parades and giving reviews, or finding all the gay hotspots, or writing articles on the latest LGBTQ happenings! For something like or DIVA magazine. I also think it would be extremely cool if my future entailed snowboarding all day, without having to instruct. So, maybe work in a gay bar in France? See, my life revolves around being a dyke! I’m in a tank top and boxers now, with my Xena: Warrior Princess poster next to me!
So, regardless of this being all hyper active shit! I’ve decided I’m going to blog this. After I set up a blog, of course… I quite like the idea of strangers reading what I have to say. Like, Twitter! I’ve just joined it and I try and do good Tweets (wow, good English, dunce!) to get more followers! Currently, I have 16… That’s not THAT bad I guess, considering I know 3 of them.
I shall leave this before it gets too long and tedious. Well, more so than it is already. So, cheerio (I don’t think I’ve ever said that before!) and I hope you enjoyed reading the ramblings of a caffeine dosed fool.


P.S. I just read that back… Hah!