Sunday, 3 January 2010

#1 The journey there

If there was a competition for napping at every available chance, I think I would have placed in the top three. I slept in the car on the way to the airport, I slept whilst waiting to board the plane, I slept on the plane, I slept on the coach on the way from the airport to the chalet, and I slept, from 10:30, in my bed. You may think that I wouldn’t win this fake competition as I could have slept more, for example, whilst walking through the airport, whilst eating my dinner or whilst writing this, but to all you nay sayers, I say*, realistically, no one is going to enter themselves in for this contest, thus giving me a large advantage in achieving a high place, being beaten only by a newborn child, old person and/or a cat.

My day so far has consisted, not only of sleeping, but being denied my vegetarian option on the aeroplane, due to some unintentional miscommunication, a special dinner having to be made at the chalet, due to them, again, not receiving notes about my herbivorous rights, and getting slightly tipsy on white wine (I don’t, in fact, like wine, but I’ll make an exception when beer is €2 and the wine is free).

It’s now just past three in the morning, so I’m going to try and get some sleep. The reason I am awake is because the room is hot enough to get a sun tan. Ella and I are sharing a room, and I deem it unfair that the glare from my laptop is hitting her delicate eyes, because I’m too much of a wuss to reside by the window leading onto the balcony just in case a creepy snow demon, with pale white skin and yellow hair, suddenly appears behind me, to grab me through the window and take me to his ice cave of doom where him and his posse will feast on my brain and eyeballs. Methinks I watch too much Buffy. Regardless, back I go to putting up with Ella tossing and turning, farting and for some reason, contorting her body into all sorts of weird positions, but somehow constantly kicking the upper part of my body, usually, my face.

*Glee reference; if you didn’t get that, watch every episode until you understand. Don’t think you can do it? Yes, you cane.

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