Friday, 8 January 2010

#5 I had a crazy dream, then my face froze.

Apparently, my mother likes waking me up 10 minutes before breakfast is over, forcing my to shoot up out of bed, throw some trousers on, leave my bed tee on, and rush downstairs. I also had a dream in which Michelle, from the Beaver Bunch, and I were helping to build Samantha Ronson’s seaside mansion, as, of course, Sam and Michelle were married (Facebook told me that part). I then had to venture back to my old school to talk to a blow up sheep with three heads and a snake skin body. It was pretty weird.

The weather today was atrocious! It started out not too bad; we had some very good runs, then the rain, hail and wind came, soaking and freezing me. At one part, we were on a chair lift, with the bitter winds bellowing all around us, the hail pinching my skin as it hit my cheek and the freezing rain burning my face. Lovely.

Dinner this evening was wonderful, but afterwards we watched 300 (seen it, it’s great) which I would have enjoyed if everyone wasn’t talking over it, so I decided to go to bed. At 9:15 I climbed into bed with an awake Ella and enjoyed snuggles with her.

Wipeout Count: 2

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