Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Boring life = boring blog.

So, hey, you know how I haven’t blogged in ages? Well, there are several reasons for that. Firstly, it’s because I haven’t found the motivation to do so. Seriously, motivation is hard to come by when you do nothing all day! Secondly, well, I do nothing with my life so nothing actually happens. And thirdly, I’ve started vlogging. (Please subscribe to my YouTube channel: I started because my LBF (lesbian best friend) told me that I should audition for the Baby Beaver Bunch on YouTube, so, I did. Then I made another video, and I’ll probably carry it on. I’ll probably still blog, but it’ll be very occasionally. Or I’ll just do short updates, ‘cause I’m cool like that, and writing this has made me realise how much I actually enjoy typing about myself. If vanity’s a sin, baby, I’m Satan.
                Anyway, I’ll post a link to my video below, but for now, you’re being forced to read about my boring life. It’s boring. That’s basically it. Apart from the LBF came back from uni over the weekend and we went out clubbing and I got so drunk I fell onto the floor, lost her and David and stole a coat. Oops. She’s also dropping out of uni because it’s shit, which means, I get to spend more time with her! I’m definitely super excited for that. Also, my dear Louisa and Dermot are coming down this weekend and the weekend after and we’re going out, and that’s going to be amazing.
                I still don’t have a job. I’ve kinda given up looking. But I am having a meeting with some LGBT woman on Friday, so fingers crossed, eh?

I was gonna put the actual video on here, but I legitimately have no fucking idea how to do this.