Thursday, 27 August 2009

The one where I couldn't work out how to place pictures...

And once more, I am blogging.
So, I finally got my tattoo! It looks so sweet! It’s actually my new favourite thing! I’ll put a picture up for you. It really didn’t hurt at all, which was really surprising. I’ve just been smearing buckets of Vaseline on it, to help it heal.
Speaking of tattoos, my friend David has had a wonderful idea. Basically he’s really, really skint! So, he decided that he’s going to put a bid up on eBay and whoever bids the highest will get their name or a word of their choice or something tattooed on his thigh. So, I’m trying to get the word out about it. Anyone who reads it, join the Facebook group, send the link around to all your friends, so anything you can to get the word out! Don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Facebook group link:
eBay bid link:

Oh, oh, oh! Our kitten came and he’s so, so cute! He’s like this tiny, white, fluffy, cute ball of cat, and he’s called Toulouse! And if you tickle his chin, then he bites your finger, and it’s adorable! And his teeth are so tiny and he’s all white with a grey tail and head. And I’m going to put up a picture because he’s THAT cute!! And today, he was in my room, and I put him on my bed, put my laptop opposite him, and put the webcam on and he was getting so confused!! He kept scratching the screen attempting to get to the kitten inside. Hey, guess what! When you look at the picture of Toulouse, then you’ll be looking at my pussy… Hahahaha!!! Mature? I know, I know.
Sorry, this blog is so boring and random; I’m getting distracted with The Suite Life on Deck. Oh, London Tipton, you amuse me thoroughly. I want to say that I’m only watching this because there’s nothing else on TV, well, there is nothing on, but I genuinely do like this show! Hah!
Right, I’m going to leave this, as I feel there is nothing really left to say… Well, nothing interesting anyway.


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