Thursday, 20 August 2009

The two day blog.

Here I am, sat on the sofa in my lounge, on my laptop, listening to Regina Spektor and the gentle buzz of a fly that can’t get outside. Stop trying to fly through the window, it’s glass, not air!! Bless, I feel kinda bad, it’s gonna get brain damage before it gets outside again.
Anyway, today has been a wonderful day. It’s been really lush and sunny finally! It’s August and there’s been, I swear, about five sunny days so far this summer! I decided it would be a good idea to go and sunbathe. So, I put on my white tank top (how dykey?!) and board shorts and went out into the garden taking my laptop with me, to listen to, yes, you got it, Regina Spektor. So, there I am, lying down on numerous cushions, listening to Regina, and I’m really, really hot. So, I took off my top because my garden is surrounded by trees and the neighbours can’t see in. Then, I’m still hot, so I strip down to just my boxers. Anyway, so I’m lying there for a good 3 hours in just my boxers, and I come in and I’m fine, I’m not burnt, which is surprising since I have ginger skin! (No, I really do! It’s all pale and freckly!) I’ve got my clothes back on now, and I’m chilling in the lounge. Then, my friend Amy texts me and asks me to meet her around 8, so I agreed. At around 7 I go upstairs to get changed, because for some reason a white tank top, no bra, board shorts and no socks isn’t appropriate for going out in public in the evening…? As I’m getting changed I realise I have a red cleavage, and basically my boobs, my face, my neck and the back of my legs are burnt!! It hurts. Luckily it’s not too bad though.
I kinda left this yesterday, so it’s now Thursday, and I’ve got my AS results. They weren’t too bad, I’m not upset about them, but I’m not overly pleased. I’m content with them. Three C’s and a B isn’t that bad, right?
Well, last night was a good night. Remember, Amy? Well, I met her in Broadstone and then I got invited back to Sam’s house for a piss up. It was basically, me and the guys watching free porn on Sky, laughing at the woman with wonky, fake boobs and drinking Buds. Then we played Rock Band and Halo! It was amazing! I well felt like a guy, except, I sucked at Halo… Then I rode back at like 2:30 because I’d had not much to drink, and then I woke up at 3 in the afternoon, wonderful!
Today, I was meant to be going to Just Add Ink to give in my tattoo ideas, but I got up too late… Oops! So, I’m gonna go tomorrow. I’ve decided that me and my friends are going to go gay clubbing (regardless of their heterosexuality) and either celebrate or drown our sorrows. It should be a good night!
Anyway, I’m gonna go now because I have a massive headache! It really hurts. I’ll just lie down and watch Spongebob Squarepants, that’ll make me better! Haha!
Oh, also, Mary Ann and the Gravediggers came through today!! It’s amazing!! I love Regina!!


P.S. I probably should mention that these blogs are neither relevant nor interesting. Sorry!

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