Sunday, 16 August 2009

1:23 on a Saturday morning... Random!

Okay, so, I’m sat in my lounge watching LA Ink, and having an MSN chat with one of my best friends, Georgie, about Regina Spektor. This is like a perfect evening for me!
Basically, I kinda feel ill too. After work today I had a nap, from like 5:00 until like 8:30, and woke up with a massive headache. Yes, feel sorry for me! I still have a headache… I might take some paracetamol soon. When I can be bothered to move. Shit, massive tension on LA Ink! You can always tell how bad is it by the amount of bleeps they use. Right, I’m going to have to mute the television. The adverts are a bunch of shite! Like, that stupid Felix cat food advert! And another advert I truly hate with a passion: That effin’ Green Giant sweetcorn advert! I have never, ever know of an advert quite as annoying and genuinely infuriating as that one! ‘Mum says you are what you eat.’ Yeah, and I say fuck off! And ‘So, if you eat runner beans, you become a runner?’ Yeah, dumbass, of course.
Anyway, on a better note, I had a rather good time at work today. There was only 4 out of 6 staff in today, which was like, ‘oh, shit’, but then it wasn’t at all busy! Although, I’m worried about the place that I work. It’s basically this country park where old people come, and dog walkers walk their dogs, and families go for a ‘fun day out’. So, yeah, about two months ago or something some kids came in and stole the benches from the courtyard and dumped them around the park, and stamped on a two day old fawns head until it died. How sick is that?! And then today, Sarah, my boss, told me that this boy, who apparently looked 12, but was probably about 15, held an old lady up at knifepoint in the car park, stole her purse and her money, then took her phone and texted everyone on her phonebook saying that she was gonna kill herself. I don’t understand why anyone would do that?! I don’t get it! He must have something seriously wrong with him.
On a lighter note, I now have Bette Davis Eyes in my head, cause it was on an advert. I’m also watching Miami Ink. In fact, talking of tattoos, I’m totally getting one soon!! In a week and a day! I’m so excited!! I’m getting this: on my shoulder blade, or back somewhere. It’s wonderful! That’s how much I love Regina Spektor! My first tattoo is going to be ‘Regina Spektor’! How awesome is that?! Yeah, baby!
This blog post has totally been a load of shit. I’m ill, alright! That’s what I’m going to blame it on. Anyway, I’m going to stop this insane mass of typing, and carry on watching Miami Ink. I’m not even going to proof read this! Oh, I’m such a rebel! So, adios, and I’m probably blog again soon…

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