Thursday, 29 October 2009

Everything the BNP stands for, I don't.

Over the past few days the main topic of discussion has been Nick Griffin, the representative for the BNP (British National Party) on Question Time, so, I thought, what better to do than blog about it, and explain my views on it.
Obviously, for starters I think that the BNP are a ridiculous organisation, and I thought that before Nick Griffin. I completely disagree with racism, homophobia and discrimination of any sort. I don’t believe a person is less, or more, than anyone because of the colour of their skin, their sexuality, their hair colour etc, but that ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’, to be clich├ęd.
Anyway, this episode was shown on Thursday (22nd October), and I actually didn’t watch it then, I iPlayered it on the Friday. The reason that I felt compelled to iPlayer Question Time (as it’s not something I make a habit of!) was because Facebook went crazy about it! There were status’ left, right and centre (well, really they were just up, down and centre on my homepage…) on people disagreeing with him and his policies, and the ones that agreed were dripping with sarcasm. For example, my friend David statused “Nick Griffin is the only man I need in my life.” Which, got a reply along the lines of his ‘four chins’ making someone orgasm. Other status’ were, in essence, inviting people to discuss the BNP, and I joined in on one of these, giving my full knowledge of the BNP to the conversation. What some of the people were quoting intrigued me, and made me want to watch question time. So, on Friday, I did.
This is the description of the show: “The political debate comes from London, with a panel including Justice Secretary Jack Straw; the Conservative spokeswoman for community cohesion, Baroness Warsi; Chris Huhne, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman; the leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin; and playwright and author, Bonnie Greer. David Dimbleby chairs.”
The debate started with Jack Straw comparing the BNP to Nazism, which lead Nick Griffin to bring up how Griffin’s father fought the war on Nazi’s, whereas Jack Straw’s father was imprisoned for refusing to fight. I understood what he was trying to show, but c’mon, Jack Straw’s beliefs are not necessarily based on his fathers, and vice versa for Griffin.
Griffin was then challenged by Dimbelby, who chaired the debate, about his quotes in papers etc, which Griffin claims they are all ‘misquotes’. Clearly, they’re not, as Griffin doesn’t even attempt to challenge the misquotes brought up, but claims he never said that ‘black people walk like monkeys’.
Then, along came Bonnie. What a legend. She’s the only one not there trying to get votes, as she’s not a politician, she’s a culturalist. She’s also black, which makes it amusing how she’s sat next to Nick Griffin, whose party has been regularly accused of being racist.
Chris Huhne called Griffin a fascist, and then quoted him, on video footage where Griffin said ‘Then perhaps one day the British people will say every last one will go’ talking about ethnic minorities. He then quoted Griffin as saying ‘Yes, Adolf [Hitler] went a bit too far.’, Huhne then went on to say “Which bit too far, Nick Griffin, did Adolf Hitler go? Was it in gassing Jews? Or bombing British cities? Where did Hitler go a bit too far?” I liked this part a lot, as Chris Huhne said it with so much conviction! Then, in the video footage, there is David Duke, a leader of one sect of the KKK. How did Griffin justify that? By claiming that his sect was an ‘almost non-violent’, as if that’s a good thing? Yes, being exceedingly racist is awesome as long as they’re ‘non-violent’…
Griffin then answered the question of ‘Why should anybody trust what you’re saying?’ with ‘Why should anybody trust any politician?’, which is just saying that no one should trust him, and completely avoiding the question, as he has done continuously. It was a weak, feeble and cowardly answer!
An uproar by the audience was cause by Nick Griffin claiming that he didn’t ‘know why he said those things’, and why he’s ‘changed his mind’…? That’s complete bullshit; he was just too scared to say that he is indeed racist. Massive douche.
Griffin was then asked, by a. Islamic member of the audience, why he thought Islam was a ‘wicked and vicious’ faith. Griffin said it was ‘because women are treated as second class citizens, a woman victim of rape should be stoned to death for adultery and it orders it’s followers to be harsh with non-believers’. This is all in the Koran. Sorry, Nick, but this is an Islam extremists view, no doubt. And in the Bible, for instance, it says that homosexuality is an abomination and ‘a man shall not lie with another man as he does with a woman’, yet there are many homosexual Christians and homo-friendly Christians. The Bible also preaches, in the Old Testament a lot of stuff that it then contradicts, (OT: An eye for an eye. NT: Jesus ‘Turn the other cheek’) which, surely, if we are to believe everything the Bible say, as members of the Islam faith surely take the Koran literally, then Christianity is a screw over too. And if he’s saying that, then he’s destroying his imaginary world of WASPs.
I do have to agree with one thing he’s saying, he’s disagreeing with the war in Iraq. That makes me happy. I find all war pointless. It’s very funny that Griffin and the BNP racist and anti-Islam when there is a black woman and Muslim woman on the panel. I don’t understand anything about politics… But I like how they’re calling her ‘The Baroness’. It makes her sound like she’s from Dr Who.
God, Bonnie talks so much sense; she’s talking about ‘Nick’s own view of
Britain’, saying that his history is bits and pieces, as Griffin wants Britain to be ‘99% pure white’, which Bonnie says isn’t going to ever happen since when the Romans settle in England, as anyone could be part of the Roman Empire (Africans, Asians, Europeans etc) then once the Romans left, they stayed, and ‘hooked up’ with the indigenous whites that came to Britain after the ice age. The thing is, after the ice age, people moved up from the south, as in, not Britain.
Unfortunately, Jack Straw was far too concerned about advertising for whatever party he supports. He ignored questions, he had far too many notes and his answers seemed too scripted, which meant that, not only did it seem fake, but also he avoided questions. Kinda like Nick Griffin, but without the stupid policies.
Then this dude calls him ‘Dick Griffin’ and is like ‘I love this country, I was born here, I was educated her. You’d be surprised how many people would have a whip round to buy you and your supporters a ticket to the South Pole. It’s a colourless landscape, and it’ll suit you fine.’
Now, finally we’re onto the subject that I actually wanted to see; the BNP’s view of homosexuals.
Nick Griffin is “against the teaching of homosexuality to primary school children” in fact he disagreed with “the teaching of any sex”. Erm, excuse me. But since when was homosexuality just about gay sex? It’s not. Yes, you have the stereotype which, I for one, fulfil of the LGBT community being full of promiscuity, but that’s not what being gay is about! If you’re in a same-sex or opposite-sex relationship and if a child asks about it, you’re not going to bring up the fact that you have sex. You’re going to say that you love each other, which is how we should be teaching children about the LGBT community. When you’re teaching them about heterosexuality, you don’t tell them that ‘mummy and daddy boned’! You tell them that they love each other, and they should teach them that love in universal and it’s natural, and normal for people to be homosexual.
Griffin said that he thinks “a lot of people find the sight of two grown men kissing in public really creepy.” And he “understands a lot of homosexuals don’t understand that, but the Christians feel that way, the Muslims feel that way…” No. Homophobes feel that way. I have heterosexual friends who couldn’t care less who is kissing who. The only reason I would find two people kissing ‘creepy’ is if they are creepy individuals! If someone found someone’s skin colour ‘really creepy’, then they would be racist. If someone found someone’s disability ‘really creepy’, then they would be prejudice. So, yes, Nick, you are, indeed, homophobic.
Oh, good news, the BNP believes that homosexuality can still be legal but as long as we keep it behind closed doors. Or not. I don’t want to have to hide who I truly am, just because someone finds who I am and what I do ‘really creepy’.
Oh, apparently preaching homosexuality to school children is ‘perverse’. How?! I wouldn’t call myself a pervert for teaching my little sister that men can love men and woman can love woman. I find that perfectly acceptable, because I’m letting her know that just because something isn’t common; it doesn’t mean it’s not normal.
Regardless, I am even less patriotic now, not because I despise my country, I don’t, but patriotism is what has caused this, and I want nothing to do with that.
Throughout the whole thing I wasn’t too sure about who was representing what party. This is why I’m not voting. Even though people tell me I should because of the suffragettes etc. Fuck that. Because I’m a woman I’m expected to vote? No. I’m also supposed to get married because I’m gay. That’s not happening. Yes, I’m grateful and I have a lot of respect for people who fought these things, and yes, I would fight for these things, but as an individual, I don’t understand politics so I’m not voting and I have no desire at all to get married, so, I’m not.
Well, that was the longest blog I do believe I’ve ever done. Yes, it is like a week late, but I don’t care! It’s over now. Phew.

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