Saturday, 7 November 2009

Hi, I'm Tash, and I'm gay...

I’m sat in my bed, on my laptop, listening to Tegan & Sara, and then it hits me. I am a giant, raging homo! Just looking around my room you can tell that I am a huge dyke. It looks a little something like this:
All my walls are covered in posters, pictures, photos, drawings, everything! I’m not even sure what colour the walls were. There’s a giant Xena: Warrior Princess poster by my bed, the front covers of DIVA stuck up, pictures of Ellen and Portia, ‘Naomily’ from Skins, several pictures involving The L Word, and when you lie down in my bed, there’s Tanya Chalkin’s Kiss right above you!
Now, this is just my walls. I also have a Buffy the Vampire Slayer calendar, next to my huge gay pride flag that has an ‘I love women’ badge on it, and near my leather jacket. Opposite me right now is season 1-4 of The L Word, a Sugar Rush DVD, all the Tegan & Sara CDs (bar Sainthood) and all the P!nk CDs. On my desk I can see my Lynx Africa, my ‘surfer’ necklace and my moisturiser, for men. Then I looked to my floor, and I can see my boxers, man socks, weights and Mark Hill man straighteners. I literally don’t own any woman’s clothes, bar my bras. I wear boxers, like proper guys ones, men’s socks, men’s tops, jeans, shorts, everything!
All of this is enhanced by the fact that I am in bed with just a wife beater and boxers, I have short hair and I have my tongue and middle labret pierced, and stretched ears.
On YouTube, I'm subscribed to the Beaver Bunch, and on Twitter (@TashSaunders), I’m following at least 3 LGBT type tweeters and various lesbian or gay celebrities, and for some reason there are 7 consecutive people following me, all with the word ‘lesbian’ in…
I use ‘gay slang’ on a regular basis, and when I see another gay person, I give them the ‘nod’ as if to say ‘don’t worry. I’m gay too.’ I even have a cat!! (FYI, stereotypically lesbians love cats.)
After realising all of this, I am shocked with the extravagance of my gayness, but you know what? I like it. I like it a lot. I feel comfortable with how I am, and I’m not gonna change for anyone.

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