Monday, 21 September 2009

Ella has a gay school teacher, but it didn't mean I was happy.

It’s 9am, and my alarm is set for 10:30am. I was actually awake at 7:45am this morning. Why? Because I wanted to take my 5 year old sister to school. It was horrible.
It’s her second week at First School, and I thought, since I don’t have to leave my house until around 11:30 today, why not take her to school. I get up, keep last nights boxers on, put on yesterdays jeans, take off my ‘Hump & Dump’ tee I wear to bed, (as I had a feeling it would be somewhat inappropriate for a primary school) put a jumper on, with no top on underneath, and put on the first socks I find on my floor, which were no doubt 3 days old.
So, after straightening my hair so poorly there really was no point, we all leave. Mum and Ella in the car, as they are driving half the way and walking the rest, and me doing the same, following on my moped (or dyke bike).
Anyway, we’re walking up to school, me and Ella, since Mum walked ahead as she actually works at the school Ella goes to, thus she had to get there earlier than Ella. Despite this irrelevance, we arrive at school, holding hands, and she looks so much cuter in her summer dress, cardigan and school shoes, than all the other kids. There really is no contest.
Ella gets into the playground and at first we’re playing; she’s holding my hand taking me places, whilst walking backwards. Then she finds Simone, who is in her class, and she gives me her lunchbox to hold, and starts running around like a crazed monkey, and I’m standing there, watching her, with a content expression on my face, really thinking how incredibly lucky I am. Sad, I know, but she is the light of my life.
So, she’s playing, what I would assume to be ‘Tag’, and occasionally using me as her protection. And she’s got this huge grin on her face, while running around laughing. Then Ella’s teacher opened the door, and my mother was right, he is exceedingly homosexual! Like, you could tell from a mile off. So, he’s opened the door, and the children are lining up to go inside. I give Ella her lunchbox, give her a hug and a kiss, and just watch her go inside, and she looks happy. As soon as I couldn't see her I genuinely felt like crying. It was awful. I really don’t understand how my mother has done that three times.
Regardless of that, I’m going to leave the blog there, since I have a personal statement to do for later on today. Ergh.

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