Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Get a job, you bum!

Being unemployed sucks. Like, fo' realz. 
Even though I'm like, THE laziest person in the world, I'd rather have to get up everyday to go to work, than staying up until gone 4am watching shit TV and playing The Sims 3 on my iPod, and then waking up at some ridiculous hour of the afternoon and starting the process all over again. I'm pretty sure I've been wearing the same jogging bottoms for about 3 days solid. 
I feel like Peter Bretter from Forgetting Sarah Marshall right after they break up (yeah, I watched it yesterday). I'm doing *nothing* with my life. I have put out a few CVs and stuff but no call backs yet. Also, I don't want a job because my current job (which has changed to just weekends, hence the need for a job) is the best job in the world! I do absolutely nothing all day and drink as much coffee as I want. It's awesome. 
I can't even be bothered to type this out, so I'm doing it on my iPod. WIN. That would explain the potential random spellings. I'm also watching Family Guy and not concentrating at all. 
I suppose good things come out of unemployment... For example, I got bored earlier, made a catapult out of pencils, rubber bands and paper and used several coloured Sharpies to draw a giant eye on my knee and paint my nails, among other things. Wow, I'm lame. 
Anyway, if anyone's got a job going that they wanna give me, that'd be great! 

Oh, what's funny is I've only not been working for 3 days. God forbid the day I'm properly unemployed... 

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