Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

There’s been a powercut! What am I thinking right now? What the hell do I do?!

Literally, I was watching Family Guy, on Twitter, on Facebook, and then *BOOM* darkness. Everything cuts out and a car alarm goes off (which is still going, by the way…) and I’m left here, sat in total darkness, bar the glare from my iPod Touch. So, since I’m already on Facebook, I thought, why not update my status about the powercut. I try posting it, but it tells me I have no internet connection. Duh! There’s no electricity. After realising I have no internet, I’m wondering what to do. I go into the utility room and grab some candles, light them, and sit back in the lounge contemplating the activities I’ll be doing in the next couple of hours.
            I can’t play Guitar Hero because there’s no power. I can’t watch a DVD because my laptop will die halfway through. Most of the fun apps on my iPod Touch revolve around the internet. So, currently, I’m blogging about how my life needs modern technology for me to exist.
            Quite literally, the only things I can think to do is things that involve computerised equipment. Okay, I am thinking one other thing; are the streetlights still on? I presume they would be. But that’s something I can Google. The only thing I can think to do is sit here and blog, or go out for a cigarette. I’ll do the latter after I’ve finished this.
            This is the worst blog ever, mainly because I haven’t blogged in fo’evah so I’m ramming something into you quick, and I don’t want my battery to give up before I’m finished.
            Anyway, since I’m writing in the dim glow of the candle light and the bright glare of ol’ lappy with NO ELECTRICITY, I shall update you on my life.
            Let’s see… The only thing I can think of is I have a LBF (lesbian best friend) and she is AWESOME! Her name is Laura and she makes YouTube videos and stuff (http://youtube.com/user/lauraclaireful/) she also is in the Baby Beaver Bunch, so you should check that shit out too (http://youtube.com/user/babybeaverbunch/). Yeah, she lives so close to me it’s unreal, like, a 5 minute walk. We like to get drunk together. Well, me more so than her.
            And since this is most definitely the worst blog ever, I shall disappoint you no longer. Adios amigos. Until next time…

PS. I started watching D.E.B.S. on my iPod Touch which is an AMAZING film, and then the power came back on (and the friggin’ car alarm!) which kinda sucks… I think I’ll just go to bed and finish watching it. My life is awesome.

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  1. LOL

    You need to get some books, just in case the electricity goes out again. OR, if there's some sort of nuclear disaster and electricity is gone forever. And have a backstock of food and water too. And maybe a gas mask. And plastic seals for your windows. And a parachute.

    Maybe I'm being paranoid...