Friday, 14 January 2011

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This week has been painful to say the least. Not in an emotional sense, but in a physical one.
Monday was nice and chilled, with Laura and Brodie watching Xena and eating pizza. Tuesday, however, I decided to go to the gym. I was having great fun on the cross trainer for almost an hour watching High School Musical 2, when someone comes up to me. It was my friend Anna, a sports fanatic, personal trainer wannabe. So, I’m all like ‘Bitch, please. I’m watching High School Musical. Why you interrupting this shit?’, and she’s all like ‘Hey, fatty, get yo’ ass off there so I can torture you.’. That was basically the dialogue. Then she destroyed ever single muscle in my body to the point of waking up and finding it hard to move the next day.
On Wednesday, I went to the gym with Anna. Again. And the again on Thursday. So, basically, I’m a muscular ball of pain right now. And now it’s Friday, I’m going out to the gay clubs to get very drunk with my best friends. Awesome.
Also, you know what really pisses me off? Running around the house trying to find the source of the incredibly irritating constant ringing, only to reach it as the other person hangs up.

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