Friday, 25 June 2010

As promised, a post exam update.

So, it’s official, I’m out of education, possibly forever, I don’t quite know yet… Also, I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in like 400 years, but I’ve been busy procrastinating, and that takes a lot of time and effort!
            A lot’s changed since the last time I’ve blogged, mainly for the better, rather than the worse. I’ve finished all my exams, I’ve got a full time job at work, and I’ve got so much planned for the summer!
I can’t quite remember whether or not I told you about it, but my plan was, in September, to go to Brunel University and study English Language and Creative Writing. It’s an amazing uni, and writing is something I’m interested in. However, I may have accidently completely and utterly failed my coursework because I spent the majority of my English lessons at the back of the room killing hookers, stealing cars and shooting cops playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on my laptop, meaning I couldn’t, regardless of how well the exam went, get the desired grades to get into uni. The exam went pretty shit anyway though. On a good exam note though, my Drama exam went alright, and my Media went great!
So, back to more stuff you don’t care about. As I said, I failed English, so I was all like ‘Oh, shit… I guess I’ll take a gap year and retake…?’, but something even better has happened! I’ve found my calling! My dream job! LGBT youth work! Basically, as I was doing my GAYly research, I found a Dorset based project called Space, which is for 15-19 year olds who identify as LGBTQ and want a space to feel comfortable. So, I had the ingenious idea of going along and asking about volunteering. Keya, who was also interested, came with me. It’s only been our second week but it’s gone really well. Now, I just need to sort out whether I really wanna do it or not and then probably go back to college to get some sort of qualification…
In other gay news, (which I know is the one and only reason you’re reading this, to find out more about my homoerotic, lesbonic, dykadellic life) I’ve created a really gay Facebook group! In a month it got around 190,000+ members, and with your help, all 3 of you who read this because I force you too, we can make it more, yes? It’s called Homosexuality is NOT a choice, but homophobia is, so join it, please? I will also be producing merchandise, like t-shirts, stickers, badges, and other stuff like that, when I get off my arse and actually bother. So, in about a year…?

I’m pretty sure that’s it. I’ve just been failing and being really, really gay. OH, speaking of gay! Over summer, I’m (hopefully) going to THREE pride festivals! Hell yeah! The first one being my birthGAY one in Bournemouth, which, if you can, you should attend. The second being Brighton Pride, and the third being Manchester. Also, over summer, I’m seeing Regina Spektor. AGAIN! That pretty much sums up my summer… More gaying!

I should probably try and be a little more hetero, but CBA.

Peace xoxo HUGZ ‘N’ KIZZEZ <3<3 Mwah <3<3 xoxoxox Luff yhoo all <3333

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